GoPay integration with Adobe Commerce

What is GoPay

GoPay is a payment gateway (or PSP – payment service provider) – a component that makes payments of various types on a web store a simple and easy thing.

Favourite solution

One of the most favourite payment gateways in Czechia.

Almost 20.000 merchants now using this solution.

Over 20 payment methods supported.

For more information and all features navigate to GoPay help portal

Integration with Adobe Commerce (Magento)

We have prepared a simple package of modules to flawlessly integrate the GoPay gateway as a new payment option in Adobe Commerce. The module has gone through the Adobe technical review, so that both code quality and compatibility with the latest Adobe Commerce releases is guaranteed.


You can purchase and install it from the official Adobe Commerce marketplace.

GoPay Account

In order to use this module, a merchant account needs to be registered with the GoPay first. Only after that you will obtain your API keys and can configure the integration plugin inside your Adobe Commerce store.

Additional fees may apply. For more details, please visit the GoPay website.


The GoPay payment extension for Adobe Commerce, when integrating with the GoPay payment service provider, uses the GoPay payment API that is PCI SAQ A compatible. The extension makes an API call to receive a session token and then all customer journeys, be it mobile or desktop, are handled on the GoPay payment servers. Adobe Commerce only redirects customers onto the secure GoPay webpage where all the payment and banking related operations take place.

User and installation guide

For information on how to install and use this Adobe Commerce integration, check our User Guide page.


Adobe Commerce integration module

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