Citizen - Instant cardless payments

What is Citizen Payment?

Citizen enables quick, cardless account-to-account payments.

An easier way for customers to pay

Few simple steps. No cards, no codes, no apps!

more features:

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Integration with Magento

We have prepared a simple package of modules to flawlessly integrate Citizen payment as a new payment option in Magento.

You can download and install it for free from the official Magento/Adobe marketplace or just follow the installation guide.

Citizen Account

In order to use this module, a merchant account needs to be registered at Citizen first. Only after that you will get your API keys and can configure the integration plugin inside your Magento store.

Additional fees may apply. For more details, please visit Citizen’s pricing page.


The Citizen payment extension, when integrating with the Citizen payment service provider, uses the Citizen payment API that is PCI SAQ A compatible. The extension makes an API call to receive a session token and then all customer journeys, be it mobile or desktop, are handled on the Citizen payment servers. Magento only loads the Citizen SDK to display and update customers with the current status of their payment journey. Customers use no credit cards, only their Citizen mobile bank app.


This Magento module is free to use.

User and installation guide

To install and use this Magento integration, check our User Guide page.

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